Rainbow Cuisine

Author: Lannice Snyman. Photographer: Andrzej Sawa
ISBN 0-620-22354-5
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Imprint: S&S Publishers
SIZE :300 mm x 230 mm. 224 pages
SPECS : Full colour. Hard cover. Dust jacket. Matt lamination. Gold foiling on title
FIRST EDITION : October 1998
REPRINTED: October 2000 and June 2003

Rainbow Cuisine will take you on a fascinating culinary journey through South Africa, a country where, in just over three hundred years, one of the world’s most intriguing and diverse cuisines has evolved.

South African cuisine is many things to many people – biltong, bokkoms, boerewors, braaivleis and bobotie; pap (porridge) cooking in a pot over a the fire; spicy curry and an array of sambals; slow-simmered bredie with yellow rice; succulent Karoo lamb; fresh seafood sizzling over glowing coals, venison potjiekos; syrupy koeksisters. In short, the foods of a wide variety of people from near and far – including Black, Cape-Malay, Cape Dutch, French, British, German, Indian and more - who have made their home under the vast African sky.

In bringing it all together, Rainbow Cuisine celebrates the fact that South African cuisine is so much more than the sum of its parts. The 250 recipes are typical of traditional foods that are both rustic and refined, simple and spicy; dishes that are lovingly prepared in homes and restaurants, and which showcase the varied ingredients and culinary ethics that make up the tapestry of the South African table.

The challenge of capturing for posterity this ongoing, ever-changing – and largely undiscovered – culinary evolution was a fascinating task for the late, great, author Lannice Snyman and photographer Andrzej Sawa, South Africa's foremost food writing, styling and photographic team in the 80's and 90's. They spent seven years travelling the length and breadth of the country to track down historical and regional delicacies, and studying – and photographing – the multi-cultural lifestyle of the population.

The result is this keenly book that, for the first time, encompasses the foods of all the peoples of the country, and sets them against the grand backdrop of South Africa’s glorious scenic splendour. The insightful, informative text explores the human and culinary history of seven geographical regions, and traces the local diet from the days when the land was inhabited by hunter-gatherers and pastoralists, through the arrival of European settlers and folk from eastern lands, and on to modern times.

Rainbow Cuisine takes the reader on a travelogue as well as a gastronomic tour. It’s a book to browse through, to read, to cook from, and to treasure. It’s a must-have purchase for anyone and everyone fascinated by the heartland of this extraordinary country, most of all tourists to take home a memento of their stay. Rainbow Cuisine is the ultimate publication of its type, and a watershed in local cookery books.

As the ‘new’ South Africa welcomes an upsurgeance of visitors eager for a taste of tradition, Rainbow Cuisine, is a proud and timely publication, that not only embraces the country’s extraordinary culinary history, but also meets the aspirations of new world cooking trends.

Lannice Snyman (author) and Andrzej Sawa (photographer)
Lannice Snyman (author) and Andrzej Sawa (photographer)
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