Simply Good Food

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Author: Justine Drake

Launch date: September 2010
Suggested Retail Price: R162.50
Excludes packaging and postage/courier
ISBN Number: 978-0-620-47401-6
Size: 260mm x 220mm portrait. 144 pages. Soft cover with Flaps

Justine Drake’s new book features a selection of fresh and original recipes based on ingredients and principles from the Discovery Vitality HealthyFood™ programme and catalogue.

The book strikes a fine balance between the art of healthy eating, and the scientific principles at the heart of the programme. It is upbeat, accessible, inspirational, and above all, appetising.

Background & Content:
In an ideal world, eating well would be an instinct as natural as breathing or sleeping. We would know exactly what sort of foods to eat, in what quantities, in precisely what balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals we needed to boost our energy and sustain us from day to day.
We would know, too, what foods to avoid, because instinct would alert us to their capacity to dull our senses, leave us feeling sluggish, and weaken our natural resistance and immunity.

SIMPLY GOOD FOOD will take readers to a new level of mass interest and practical usefulness. It will show just how easy it is to eat well, with a selection of tasty, affordable recipes covering every healthy-eating occasion including breakfast, an office lunch, kids snacks, easy everyday dishes, vegetable side dishes, low-fat offerings and divine desserts.

The recipes will form the “main course” of the book. And yet, healthy food, in itself, is only part of the book’s recipe for everyday wellness. At its heart is clearly-defined set of clinical and nutritional principles, and the book will get the essence of these principles across in a clear, concise, and accessible way.

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